BEST Product for Pocket Carrying a Spare Magazine – ExtraCarry Magazine Holder

BEST Product for Pocket Carrying a Spare Magazine – ExtraCarry Magazine Holder

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Why ExtraCarry will improve the your quality of life when it comes to EDC

The ExtraCarry magazine pouch is a really creative idea that solves a major problem for those of us who like to pocket carry our extra magazine. So when ExtraCarry reached out and sent us a sample product to review, I was really excited. ExtraCarry provides a carbon fiber reinforced nylon holster for your magazine that conveniently clips inside of the pocket.

The design of the clip and the ridge in the carbon fiber reinforced nylon guarantees that the holster will stay secure inside of your pocket, meaning that drawing your magazine will always be clean. You might say though, why not just use a side car holster and appendix carry? While that is also an option, lets back up a bit.


ExtraCarry Mag Holders

ExtraCarry is an awesome American company that makes a great product for organizing and staging your pocket carry magazine in a convenient way that makes carry an extra mag less of a burden.

ExtraCarry is perfect if you prefer 3 O’Clock Carry

Most days when I carry, I carry at the 3 O’Clock position. There are definitely some speed advantages to appendix carry, and certainly it is the most concealable option. However, 3 O’clock is just way more comfortable in my opinion, especially while driving in the car. So at this point I used a tier 1 concealed echo holster that is canted at an angle, perfect for 3 O’clock carry. With the short handle on the Glock 26, even wearing tight clothing, it doesn’t scream gun as the crease looks a lot more natural.

However this presents a problem. Many appendix carry holsters feature a side car attachment, which makes carrying a spare magazine very convenient. If you carry 3 O’Clock, you aren’t going to be able to stack a mag on the same side, since you will be holding the pistol with your dominant hand. Similarly, you could in the waistband carry a spare magazine, which I’ve tried, but it is incredibly uncomfortable if the magazine is still appendix carried while sitting down. It also prints like crazy to be carrying something at both 9 O’clock and 3 O’clock, so that’s off the table.

So like most people who 3 O’clock carry, my spare magazine goes in my pocket, or some people don’t carry a spare magazine at all.

ExtraCarry is a more secure way of carrying your spare magazine in your pocket

Before the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch, I would keep my spare magazine in my pocket. I’d either have to keep that pocket completely empty aside from the magazine, or I’d have to fumble with keys, a cell phone, a knife, and possibly an EDC flashlight, to find the magazine. In the heat of the moment, that would be problematic.

The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch instead clips securely inside your pocket. As mentioned earlier, it is designed to fit tightly with the pocket, preventing the mag pouch from coming out with the magazine when you draw. The product is designed to look like an EDC knife, so overall it is pretty unassuming.

Competitor products don’t have this locking security so the mag could come out with its holder. They also oftentimes don’t protect the top of the magazine like the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch does, so the possibility of debris getting into the mag, or a round becoming dislodged is a possibility with those other products.

Draw times for reloading are faster with the ExtraCarry Magazine Pouch

Drawing the magazine from the holster from a neutral standing position is quite fast. As you can see here, I can easily do it in dryfire drills quite quickly.

Drawing from a standing combat stance is also still quite simple and fast.

Drawing from a crouching position, popping out strong side, is a slightly more challenging but still very doable. Certainly, its easier than if you’re just pocket carrying by a long shot.

Drawing from a crouching position weak side, is actually pretty tough given the position of your leg. It’s just hard to do in general without breaking position. If you’re pocket carrying without the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch, its wildly difficult. With the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch it is definitely more accessible.

ExtraCarry Provides a great middleground between comfort and function

So ultimately this product provides a very good middleground between comfort and functionality. In most situations it is just as fast as any other style of carrying an extra magazine, and in fact, possibly even faster since you don’t need to defeat a garment on your draw and going to your pockets is such a natural motion that we all practice quite litterally tens of thousands of reps per year.

The product is very functional and it has become a part of my edc. It goes right in my bedside safe next to my holstered edc pistol. It goes on my person when I wake up, and goes back there before I go to bed. I carry a Glock 26, so I oftentimes will pocket carry either a full size Glock 17 magazine, a Glock 19 magazine with a +2 extension (as I sometimes do carry a Glock 19 sized handgun if the weather permits), or a Glock 26 magazine with a +2 extension

ExtraCarry offers universal mag holder options as well

And there’s an ExtraCarry Mag Pouch for all of these models. In fact, ExtraCarry has an option for the vast majority of common concealed carry pistols out there, but even if yours isn’t covered, they have a universal option that is fully adjustable and works with most single or double stack mags yet has built in adjustable retention that works great.

I can’t see myself ever carrying a TX22, but hey, now I have that option because the universal holster is so flexible. ExtraCarry told me it will even work with a 21 round Staccato mag.

So overall this is a great product for carrying that extra magazine in a way that is comfortable and allows quick access to the magazine.


The product is near perfect in its simplicity and usability. It makes pocket carry nearly as fast as any waistline method of carry. I really only have one suggestion for improvement on this product. I wish there was a lower profile option in terms of the clip hardware. One where the clip sits flat. I realize the swivel function might be lost, but I think it would result in a flatter overall profile which would be slightly more covert. I spoke to the creator at ExtraCarry and he is working on a deeper carry solution, so I’m very excited at that possibility.

In any case, the ExtraCarry Mag pouch is an excellent product. I’ll a link to our blog where we’ll have links to the product. If you use code CRACKSHOT, ExtraCarry will give you free shipping.


ExtraCarry Mag Holders

ExtraCarry is an awesome American company that makes a great product for organizing and staging your pocket carry magazine in a convenient way that makes carry an extra mag less of a burden.

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