Free Shooting Mode with MARS Mobile

Free Shooting Mode with MARS Mobile

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How to Use the Free Shooting Mode

MARS Mobile features both drills, as well as more general shooting modes. The shooting modes are set up in such a way that you can define your own drills to supplement the drills MARS supports out of box.

The free shooting mode has no restraints. There are no maximum number of hits, no score keeping, and there is no timer.

Why and When to Use the Free Shooting Mode

I use the free shooting mode personally most often when testing new guns and gear. It’s very easy to setup as you can get MARS running in just a few button clicks (or for testing MARS mobile in general during development).

Because it has no constraints, its great for just running multiple dryfire exercises. It is especially useful when used in tandem with other dryfire training tools, like the Mantis dryfire system, which will have its own native shooting drills incorporated.

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