Grit Grips Glock 19 Frame – The Best Aftermarket Frame Hands Down

Grit Grips Glock 19 Frame – The Best Aftermarket Frame Hands Down

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Grit Grips Glock 19 Frame – The Best Aftermarket Frame Hands Down
The ONLY Glock 19 Frame to consider for your Gen 3 Build
I have experimented and worked with quite a few different brands of after market glock frames, and the grit grips frame is by far the best. It feels like it was tailor made for my grip style and use cases. I'm a huge fan.
Engineered with ideal ergonomics
Accelerator Cut with Ledge
Excellent 360 Degree stippling
Better grip angle than stock glock
Extended beaver tail
Reasonably priced
After market magwells not yet available (but coming soon)
Where to buy?

Why another Aftermarket Glock 19 Frame?

So I know what you’re thinking, the Glock 19 frame market is completely over saturated. Why do we need another after market Glock 19 frame?

Well today I’m going to make the case that the grit grips Glock 19 replacement frame is the absolute best frame on the market bar none. It is my honest opinion that this frame is the Glock 19 frame killer, OEM or after market, this one is the best. There are many reasons for that so without further ado, let’s dive in.

Why the Grit Grips Glock 19 Frame is so Different.

Fixes the Glock Grip Angle Problem

Let’s jump into why. So the biggest complaint that I hear about people who don’t like Glock is the Glock grip angle. Most people come from the 1911 that has an 18 degree angle off square. Standard Glock frames have a steeper 22 degree angle off square.

The story goes that where John Browning designed the 1911 to naturally point with your pointer finger, Gaston Glock designed the Glock like a handshake. You point a Glock with your thumbs as the saying goes.

The grit grips frame will be really popular with those of you who prefer an 18 degree grip angle. Personally, I don’t care much, either grip angle is fine. With an active style grip, the grip angle honestly doesn’t matter all that much But I wouldn’t recommend jumping between them as the change in grip angle can make it harder to pick up the red dot on optics equipped pistols if you keep swapping between pistols that have different angles.

Lowest possible bore axis on a Glock

With an active style grip, the goal when gripping the pistol is to get as high up on the frame as you can while focusing pressure on the front of the grip. I’ll explain more on why I like this grip on another video, but just know that this frame is optimized for that grip style.

The frame is cut in the back with as tight of a bore axis as possible while featuring an extended beaver tail to prevent slide bite, another common complaint that people have about Glock solved by this frame. The frame is also double under cut allowing you to get both your primary and support hands high up on the pistol. These factors result in a very low bore axis making this a very shootable pistol.

Top notch Stippling

If that wasn’t good enough, the stipple pattern on this pistol is the best I’ve ever seen, not just from after market Glock frames but on any pistol in general. I like stippling my pistols, so this was naturally up my alley, being stippled 360 degrees around the entire grip. Now you may think that this grip, given the brand grit grips, would be as gritty as sand paper. Oddly enough it isn’t, this is still very comfortable for EDC while yet being extremely grippy. It’s hard to explain the texture except that grit grips really got this one right. It’s extremely grippy but not uncomfortable to carry.

Accelerator Cut with a Ledge makes recoil control easy

And that leads me to my favorite part of this frame, the accelerator cut. The accelerator cut is stippled but it’s also shaped such that a pedal is cut out, integrated right into the frame. With an active grip style like I mentioned before, I can actually torque my thumb down to help mitigate recoil. Combining this with the low bore axis makes this a very shootable pistol.

I also love the way that the grip is rounded. It’s not boxy like other after market frames and it also doesn’t have finger nubs like a standard gen 3 frame. This is by far the most comfortable Glock frame I’ve shot.

The 18 degree frame points very naturally. The grip is large enough for my average sized hands to get all my fingers around on my primary shooting hand. Since the grip is essentially a lever, your pinky plays a role in keeping recoil in check. These factors make it very easy to shoot one handed.

Rounded Frame is great for hands of any size. Its the only double stack Glock my wife can shoot comfortably.

Reloads are straight forward with this frame as well, about the same as with any other glock frame. The frame isn’t as thick as other frames so it may be the slightest bit less forgiving than thicker walled frames that have a little bit more of a recessed magwell.

I talked to the creator of the grit grips frame about after market magwells, and since the frame was designed from the bottom up, it isn’t compatible with any after market magwells currently on the market. As you might have seen from my PSA dagger upgrade video however, the GG Magwell for the dagger is an excellent magwell, and grit grips has assured me that they’ll be releasing another top quality magwell for their frame as well soon.

That said, a magwell definitely isn’t necessary, but I may add one later as it can add a little ledge for wrapping my support hand pinky around.

And on that note given the round contours of the frame, it actually is easier for my wife to grip. She has no trouble gripping or operating the controls on this pistol. This is a major pro for me as I can be confident that both of us can run this pistol with no issues.

Improved Mag release, Ambidextrous

And speaking of easy to use controls, the frame has an ambidextrous mag release which is huge for gen 3 builds. Now the gen 3 sadly doesn’t have an ambidextrous slide release options, but if you’re left handed you probably train dropping the slide with your support hand anyway.

Excellent for mitigating recoil

As far as shootability goes, I purposely ran this frame with a pretty basic setup. I shot it with a Brownells RMR cut slide and a lone wolf distributing threaded barrel, nothing fancy. It was very easy to control recoil with typical 115 grain blazer fmj ammo.

I bet running 147 grain through this, it’d probably be pretty easy to control, even without a compensator. With a comp, I bet this is incredibly flat shooting, and I can’t wait to try it out with one soon.


So overall the features of this frame are tailor made to my style of grip. I feel like this frame was made for me. It’s literally everything I could ever want in a Glock frame. It addresses so many issues with the gen 3 Glock and other after market frames, I think this is really going to shake up the Glock after market.

I’m actually working on a new project. I want to come up with an affordable Glock 19 style setup that will work well for concealed carry, home defense, and competition usage. Sort of a do it all pistol that would be ideal if you could only have one pistol, while keeping it budget friendly. I am still playing around with the concept quite a bit, and will be doing a video on it before the end of the year.

At this point I’m 100% certain though that the Grit grips frame is going to be the frame of choice for me for that build. So if that idea interests you definitely consider subscribing to the channel, if not, have a great day.

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