Harbor Freight offers surprisingly relevant products for the Gun Community

Harbor Freight offers surprisingly relevant products for the Gun Community

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When you think of gun deals, you don’t typically think of harbor freight. Yet Harbor freight has many surprising items that make them my go to for specific use cases related to gun ownership.

Today, I’m going to list out of absolute favorite items. Keep in mind that harbor has a 25% off coupon right now that you can get here.

Now on to our list of the best deals at harbor frieght for gun guys.

#1 Best Product for Gun Guys at Harbor Freight : Apache Gun Cases

Apache gun cases are awesome. They are heavy duty and rugged. They aren’t as nice as say Pelican branded cases, but you likely also aren’t dropping these things on pallets out of air planes or fast roping out of helicopters with these cases. They are more htan adequate to keep your equipment safe and I trust their quality when traveling publically. I plan to do a full review on these cases separately, as well as a video on tips for traveling with guns, so stay tuned for that.


Apache 4800 Large Weatherproof Case

#2 1/2″ Drive Adjustable Torque Wrenches

Harbor freight sells 1/2 inch drive Torque wrenches that can be dialed in to specific foot lb settings. These types of wrenches are awesome for doing gun smith work, especially working on AR-15s. They aren’t super accurate as compared to higher brands, but the AR-15 was designed in such that most parts have huge tolerance ranges in terms of how tight they need to be torqued. These wrenches can get you pretty much close enough. If you’ve got one of these and an descent quality AR armorer’s wrench, you can do 97% of the work required to build and fix AR-15s.


1/2 in. Drive 10-150 ft. lb. Click Torque Wrench

#3 Harbor Freight sells 50 Caliber Steel Ammo Cans

Harbor freight’s steel ammo cans are awesome. The 50 caliber ones are just like the old mil surp ones you’d get at a gun show. They are good quality, and they are super cheap. Now that most of that mil surp stuff has dried up, these are a really good option for storing ammo.


Metal 0.50 Caliber Ammo Can

#4 Harbor Freight sells a nifty pack of cheap Allen and Torx Wrenches

Most optics, attachments, and gun accessories can be set or removed using a set of allen wrenches. This 3 pack is super handy to have in your range bag.

Hex Key Set
Harbor Freight Hex Key Set is cheap and easy to throw in the range bag

SAE/Metric/Star Folding Hex Key Set, 3 Piece

#5 Harbor Freight sells cheap plastic ammo cans

Harbor freight has even cheaper ammo cans, and I’d say these are last on the list because they honestly aren’t that great. Cheap plano palstic ammo cans are better quality. One of mine came cracked even just shipping it to the house. I like them because they’re dirt cheap, but I wouldn’t neccessarily recommend these for any sort of very long term storage or if you want ammo cans that will be mobile. These are really like overflow cans that I’ll probably use just for storing old range brass that im saving in case I ever get into reloading one day.


0.30 Caliber Ammo Box

Honorable Mentions:

These are products that didn’t make the list but I do like them. They I’d say are “gun guy adjacent” as they might be useful to you but not directly related to guns.

Honorable Mention 1: Harbor Freight LED Lanterns

These LED lanterns are awesome. I got them for $4 each at the time I purchased (they now MSRP for $4.99 at the time of the writing of this article). They take 3 batteries, with some basic ones included with the lanterns. I appreciate the design, they can be hung up so they’re great for camping. I have a bunch of them around and I use them for hurricanes.


250 Lumen Pop LED Lantern

Honorable Mention 2: Harbro Freight Steel Tool Chests

Harbor freight has awesome tool chests. I really like this chineese US General tool case. The irony of the name isn’t lost on me. It is solidly build, has wheels to roll around smoothly, and plenty of room for tool storage.


U.S. GENERAL : Full-Bank Service Cart

Honorable Mention 3: Tin Snips

These tin snips are great for random odd jobs, but I have used them a fair amount when modifying different pieces of gear. Its one of those tools you’ll use for random things all the time if you have one


Straight Cut Aviation Snips

Things I’d avoid from Harbor freight

Lastly, Harbor freight does have Ear and eye protection which may be tempting for 2A enthusiasts. However, I’ve found its more industrial and bulky then options targeted to gun use cases. They weren’t super comfortable. Walker’s razors are so crazy cheap when on sale and are excellent quality ear protection. If you’re going to buy ear pro, I’d get a reputable brand, especially for your primary pair but also for any extras. Remember if you’re inviting friends out who haven’t shot before, you want to give them good quality equipment to borrow so that they have a good time. They’ll have a terrible time if they have bad ear and eye pro.


Overall Harbor Freight has a few surprising products that are awesome for firearms collectors and hobbyists.

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