How to reduce AR15 recoil with the VG6 Epsilon Compensator

How to reduce AR15 recoil with the VG6 Epsilon Compensator

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AR-15 Recoil Elimination – VG6 Epsilon Review

How to reduce AR15 recoil with the VG6 Epsilon Compensator
A Great Choice for Competitive Shooting
If you're looking for a do it all muzzle brake / compensator that will help reduce recoil for competitive shooting, the VG-6 Epsilon is an amazing choice.
Recoil Reduction
Flash Signature
Blast Wave
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Reduces Felt Recoil Well
Hides Flash Signature
Looks really cool
Loud, although not as bad as linear comps
Blast Wave, annoys others on firing line
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The VG6 Epsilon is more than just a Compensator

The VG6 Epsilon is a pretty awesome product. It’s a compensator, muzzle brake, and flash hider all in one that essentially does it all in regards to making your AR-15 shooting experience a lot more pleasurable.

Ballistic Advantage Stainless Steel Match Barrel
VG6 Epsilon on Ballistic Advantage Match Grade Barrel

Best place to buy the VG6 Epsilon?


VG6 Epsilon

The VG6 Epsilon is one of our favorite compensators as it is an all in one compensator, flash supressor, and and muzzle brake.

What makes the VG6 Epsilon Different than other products?

Let’s start by looking at the standard, the tried and true A2 Bird Cage. The A2 Bird cage has been the standard military specification for years. It’s primary purpose is to hide flash signature, which it does a very good job of. The design of the evenly placed slits disperse the gas to keep it from igniting the gas thus lowering the flash signature. Because the gas escapes upward and forward, felt recoil is probably reduced slightly and it might have a slight compensator affect by pushing the barrel downward, but its primary purpose is flash suppression.

Traditional A2 Bird Cage
Traditional A2 Bird Cage

On the other hand, muzzle brakes tend focus on porting as much of the gas and pressure to the sides of the firearm as possible. This results in reduced felt recoil, as the pressure is dispersed out the sides of the weapon. However, muzzle brakes are crazy loud.

If you’ve ever posted up next to somebody lane over at the range while they shoot a muzzle brake, it is an incredibly uncomfortable experience. Depending on design it may not be great for flash signature either. This might be a worthwhile trade off in certain contexts like competition shooting or even hunting, but it isn’t very pleasant on a firing line or with your buddies.

However, the VG6 Epsilon tries to strike a balance between all of the above products’ features.

Installation of the VG6 Epsilon is similar to with other muzzle devices

Installation was easy, especially if you have an AR armoror’s wrench.

When installed correctly the logo will be on the bottom, with the gas porting and third prong installed on top.

The VG6 attempts to do it all, and better…

The design is part muzzle brake, with the large windows porting on the sides.

VG6 Epsilon Side View
VG6 Epsilon Side Ports

It is also part compensator, with some of the gas escaping upward and rearward, I’m sure with much engineering effort put into the positioning by VG6.

The Epsilon is also part flash hider with its 3 prong design. You can see based on the design, with the third prong on top, the flash will be redirected in sort of a Y Shape, which will hypothetically at least keep your sight picture somewhat clear.

VG6 3 Prong and Gas Ports
VG6 3 Prong and Gas Ports

Lastly, the gas ports are engineered to redirect a proportion of gas upward, a little downward, and mainly left and right like most muzzle brakes, providing a very flat shooting experience.

VG6 Porting
VG6 Porting

In this sense it does all of these things well.

Drawbacks of the VG6 Epsilon

However, the epsilon specifically, vs other VG6 products, has a reputation for still being pretty bright at night and not working very well in this regard. The side porting on the VG6 acts as a muzzle brake as well, but isn’t as obnoxious as other muzzle brakes on the market.

To mitigate this, VG6 makes a cage device that wraps the brake and reduces these issue if you’re concerned.


Overall this makes the VG6 a great, do it all option, especially for competitive shooting. I really love mine and will continue to use it on my competition rifle.

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