CZ P10C Review – Is It Better Than Glock?

CZ P10C Review – Is It Better Than Glock?

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Excellent concealed carry pistol
This pistol is nearly perfect. In form an function it is comparable to a Glock 19, with slightly better ergonomics and a better trigger. However, the after market support for the CZ is extremely limited and the magazines are very expensive, preventing this pistol from being a glock killer for me personally.
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Great ergonomics
Awesome trigger
Great size
Poor after market support
Expensive magazines
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The CZP 10 C is a great compact handgun. It is essentially the same size as a Glock 19.

Size Comparison to Glock

I happen to be carrying this PSA dagger on this range trip, but you can see the difference in size between the pistols. They are quite similar.

Striker Fired Design Runs like Glock, but a Little Better

Glock guys will be able to pick up on and run these pretty quick. I first ran 2-3 round group drills through the pistol at seven yards.

My first grouping was a little off as you can see, as I got used to the pistol. However, after getting used to the grip, the second set was right on top of each other.

This gun is really easy to run almost no learning curve here. The ergonomics and design are great.

Exactly what you’d expect from CZ.

Where to buy?




An awsome little concealed carry pistol, with its only drawback being a lack of after market support.

Excellent Ergonomics

The frame is shaped in a way that you can really get up high on the grip with your shooting hand. This makes recoil management a breeze.

The stipple along the side complements an active grip style and I was able to get a really solid purchase on this gun. The stipple isn’t very aggressive on the grip.

My preference would be a little more aggressive of a stipple job, but that said I didn’t have any problems with controlling the gun.

Quality Controls

The controls on the frame are great. The meg release is crisp. The slide release is crisp as well.

The design is sleek enough that the controls won’t get in the way of your grip, yet also, are large enough that you can’t miss them.

The controls are pretty much like any other striker fired gun.

If you’re used to glock, you’ll pick this up and be right at home.

They’re very simple and uncomplicated. The controls are also ambidextrous. So this is a great option for left-handed shooters.


The slide serrations on front and back are deep and easy to grip. The slide is smooth like butter.

It’s an easy to operate pistol. I think it would also be a very good option for older shooters or those with arthritis.

Excellent Stock Trigger

What I was most impressed by on this gun was the trigger. The stock trigger is honestly quite possibly, the best I’ve ever used on any production gun. I was shocked it has a smooth well-defined wall,

it’s break is crisp, and it has a short reset. It’s exactly what I would want in a trigger.


The gun is accurate. Even in compact model form, I only shot this gun out to about 15 yards, but it is a very shootable pistol. No complaints here.

Stock Sights

The stock sites are a simple three dot pattern, but they work well and they are very easy to pick up.


The gun functioned well and was easy to shoot one handed lefty or righty. It’s a super basic pistol.

I didn’t experience any malfunctions. There’s no frills, but it covers all of the basics super well,

My only complaint about this particular model is the lack of an optics cut. The optics ready version of this pistol is available though for a bit more money.


Speaking of, you can get killer deals on these pistols. You can pick up this exact model for $399 at the time of editing.




An awsome little concealed carry pistol, with its only drawback being a lack of after market support.

Limited and Expensive After Market

So overall, this is a great pistol. I hate to say this, but this gun is better than stock Glock in terms of shoot ability for me.

If you follow this blog, you know that I’m a glock guy. However, CZ lacks the aftermarket that glock has, even though CZ magazines interchange between P models.

For the most part, the magazines are a bit more expensive and the aftermarket is super limited. So just because the pistol is a little cheaper, it isn’t necessarily in the long haul.

Once you start buying more magazines and other supporting gear,

I’ll say for me personally, Glock still wins since I can run both brands equally. Well, the C economics provides a more enjoyable shooting experience in my opinion. But keep in mind as John Lovell says,

“If you want comfortable, get a cardigan”, comfort is not as important as function yet.

Yet in this analogy, the CZ is a super durable cardigan, so it’s basically a woobie, but this analogy is falling apart really fast.

So let’s just say I give the CZ the clout it deserves, and the P series line is definitely on my radar for future purchases. I’m not gonna go out and sell all my glocks to buy these.

There’s a place for both in every collection though, find a range that will rent one of these out to you and you’ll see what I mean for yourselves.

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