Drawstroke Practice Drill with MARS Mobile

Drawstroke Practice Drill with MARS Mobile

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How and Why to Use the Drawstroke Practice Drill

MARS Mobile features both drills, as well as more general shooting modes. The shooting modes are set up in such a way that you can define your own drills to supplement the drills MARS supports out of box.

The drawstroke practice mode allows you to practice your drawstroke on any set up target. The mode will start with a random start time and measure how long it takes you to get your first shot on target.

This mode really stretches your ability to get that first round on target, allowing you to practice your form when drawing from the holster. This is a critical skill to practice for USPSA, as getting the gun out of the holster and on target is the difference oftentimes between winning and losing a match.

Similarly, for concealed carry contexts, the drawstroke mode will allow you to train safely drawing from the holster, a critical skill for both your own personal safety and the safety of your loved ones.

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