Is the Glock 26 Gen 5 still the best concealed carry pistol in 2024?

Is the Glock 26 Gen 5 still the best concealed carry pistol in 2024?

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Is the Glock 26 Gen 5 still the best concealed carry pistol in 2024?
Glock 26 Gen 5 is still extremely relevant today
The Glock 26 Gen 5 still excels a head over other similar compact concealed carry options. For this reason, I still EDC the Glock 26 daily as my concealed carry pistol of choice.
The Good
Significant upgrades over Gen 3
Extremely Accurate for a Small Gun
Great ergonomics
Easy to Conceal
Glock Reliability
Great trigger
The Bad
Not many places stock the MOS version
Both MOS and Standard do not have an accessory rail
Magazine capacity is limited compared to other pistols without using full size Glock 17 magazines
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Glock 26 Gen 5 Review: Is it still relevant in 2023 / 2024?

The Glock 26 is the OG subcompact, concealed carry pistol. The original gen 3 model which is referred to by Glock themselves as the “Baby Glock” came out in 1994. Being so old, the question is, is this pistol still relevant today?


Glock 26 Gen 5


As seen in this blogpost, I prefer the Glock 26 Gen 5 to the Glock 43X.

  • Highly Concealable
  • Takes doublestack Glock magazines like 17 / 19 / 34
  • Huge Aftermarket
  • Easy to Operate
Glock 26 Points the same as my other guns
Glock 26 is still my EDC IN 2024

The Glock 26 Gen 5 has significant upgrades over Gen 3

I own a gen 5 model, which has a few upgrades over the traditional Gen 3 Glock 26.

  • The biggest difference that you’re going to see is the Glock Marksman barrel. It’s crazy accurate.
  • The trigger is also much improved over older models.
  • The nDLC finish is nice and super tough.
  • Like the gen 4s, for left handed shooters, the controls can be switched over to the left side.
  • The backstraps can be replaced on the 26 model if so desired.
  • Lastly, the finger grooves have been removed on Gen 5 models.

Stunning Accuracy for such a Tiny Pistol

The Glock 26 is super accurate with the Glock Marksman Barrel for a small subcompact pistol. Even with a short barrel length of 3.4 inches, I can hit a steel target out at 50 yards with it, although it is difficult to do with the short sight radius of the gun.

Excellent Ergonomics for a Mouse Gun

At practical close ranges, the Glock 26 is easy to control. I’ve actually shot practice USPSA style matches with it and performed pretty well. The frame ergomonics are just like any other glock. If you love Glock ergonomics, you’ll love the 26. The gun is more shootable if you replace the stock base plate with an OEM + 2 magazine extension, bumping the capacity up from 10 to 12.

Some shooters, especially with smaller hands, will prefer the Glock 43X, because of its thinner profile. I prefer the Glock 26 double stack grip hands down.

I have a whole video dedicated to the reasons I chose the 26 over the 43X. However, my wife prefers the 43X. Her hands are smaller so the 43x fits her hands better.

The Glock 26 Conceal Carries well

The Glock 26 is meant to be a concealed carry pistol, as opposed to its bigger brothers that are used for duty and competition. The pistol is extremely concealable given its short grip. This was my main reason for choosing it.

Despite having a thinner build, which can make concealed carry challenging, it is very easy to conceal, especially when you optimize your clothing choices for concealed carry.

Yet it still has the same feel as the larger pistols.

Concealed carry at 3 O'Clock
Concealed carry at 3 O’Clock

The Gen 5 Trigger is a Big Upgrade over Gen 3

The stock gen 5 triggers are excellent. I have both the factory gen 5 trigger in some guns, as well as Glock’s new performance trigger, which I’ll be making another video on in the future. While the performance trigger is crisp and ultra smooth, the stock gen 5 trigger is great.

Given that its a carry gun, I would not change the trigger on the gen 5. It has a pull weight of just over 5 lbs. The performance trigger is too light for self defense contexts and should be reserved for competition and range guns.

The Glock 26 Gen 5 has a huge after market

The other big advantage of the glock 26 is the aftermarket from Glock. Piggy backing with accessory compatibility from the Gen 3, the Glock 26 is compatible with most Glock double stack holsters.

The internal parts are for the most part not cross compatible with Gen 3 or even gen 4 glock, so you have to be careful to buy the right parts. While being older, and because most of the Gen 3 patents have expired, the gen 3 aftermarket is much bigger.

The Glock 26 Gen 5 is crazy reliable. The only malfunctions I’ve had were human errors

The gun has been nothing but crazy reliable since I purchased it. I don’t think I’ve had to clear a single malfunction on this pistol that was a mechanical failure, including shooting it in competition. I will use it in my local gun clubs practice matches, and I plan to shoot the subcompact division of the GSSF with it.

I’ve only had two malfunctions with the pistol which were user error. After a long 2 day pistol shooting class I was getting tired. Towards the end of the class when chambering a new round before drills, twice, I didn’t rack the slide far back enough to load the next round. This was definitely user error as I was very tired after two, 8 hour days of shooting. It also revealed a training scar that I discovered as a result of using a laser dryfire bullet (I got used to only racking the slide 1/4 of the way to reset the striker).

None of that is against this pistol though. Outside of that with well over 1500 rounds through the gun so far, it has been flawless.

Negatives of the Glock 26 Gen 5

Before you think I’m just another Glock fanboy, however, the pistol isn’t perfect. I am sorry but Glock perfection isn’t a thing. I have my gripes with the 26.

MOS model isn’t yet widely available

The first was the fact that, at the time of recording the above video, it wasn’t yet offered in the US with an MOS model. I spoke with an FFL recently who said the MOS model can be special ordered, but I’m not seeing it offered widely available yet in retail stores. Hopefully it becomes a staple soon, but you might not be able to walk out same day if you want the MOS model

Both the base and MOS models don’t have an Accessory Mounting Rail

If you’re going to have a double stack gun, why would you not have a pic rail? If you want to mount a weapon light, your only choice is essentially the Streamlight TLR-6, since its designed specifically for the Glock 26, which I reviewed in the linked video.

Magazine capacity is lackluster versus other modern options

Lastly, in the era of wonder micro 9s, other manufacturers have managed to get a whole lot more rounds in these tiny magazines. In a world where Sig can fit 17 rounds of 9mm into their X-Macro models, the 10 round capacity of the Glock 26 feels underwhelming. Then again, a lot of us will just keep a glock 17 magazine in our pocket if we feel like we might need it.

Extended Magazine takes Glock 26 capacity from 10+1 to 12+1
Extended Magazine takes Glock 26 capacity from 10+1 to 12+1

Glock 26 Gen 5


As seen in this blogpost, I prefer the Glock 26 Gen 5 to the Glock 43X.

  • Highly Concealable
  • Takes doublestack Glock magazines like 17 / 19 / 34
  • Huge Aftermarket
  • Easy to Operate

Conclusion, the Glock 26 Gen 5 is still very relevant today

Overall, the pros outweighed the cons for me, so I chose the Glock 26 as my EDC pistol. It is absolutely still relevant today, although with so much competition there are other pistols that may be a better option depending on your personal needs. For me, I still don’t see a compelling reason to move over any time soon, although I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been temped by Sig’s latest offerings. Overall I love the Glock 26. It’s a great little concealed carry pistol and its ultra relevant in today’s market.

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