Tier 1 Concealed Echo – Ultimate Holster for IWB 3 O’Clock Concealed Carry

Tier 1 Concealed Echo – Ultimate Holster for IWB 3 O’Clock Concealed Carry

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Finding the perfect holster for concealed carry can be a challenge, as it needs to balance safety, comfort, and accessibility while ensuring a seamless draw. One option that has gained significant popularity in recent years is the Tier 1 Concealed Echo Holster. In this review, we will explore the noteworthy features of this holster, examining its construction, concealability, comfort, and overall performance.

My Tier1 Concealed Holster which Holds my Glock 19, 26, and 34
My Tier1 Concealed Holster which Holds my Glock 19 Builds, Glock 26, and Glock 34

Available for Any Handgun / Fully Customizable

The Tier 1 Concealed holsters are very customizable coming in a variety of different kydex options and allowing for just about any aspect of the holster to be customized for user needs.

This is definitely my holster of choice for EDC of Glock handguns. This holster works great with my Glock 19 builds, Glock 26, and my Glock 34.

Tier1 Concaled Echo holster is available for just about every make of handgun
Tier1 Concaled Echo holster is available for just about every make of handgun

Innovative Design

The Tier 1 Concealed echo Holster boasts a unique design that combines both comfort and functionality. Made from high-quality materials, it features a durable Kydex shell that securely holds the firearm in place while providing a smooth draw and re-holstering experience. The holster’s two piece design enhances concealment by wrapping the holster around your body. This keeps the firearm closer to the body, minimizing printing and ensuring a low-profile appearance and aids in being very comfortable.

Adjustable Retention

Another perk of the Tier 1 Concealed Holster is its adjustable retention. The retention can be easily adjusted with a simple screw to achieve the perfect level of retention, ensuring that the firearm stays securely in place during everyday activities. Additionally, the cant can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, providing a customizable and comfortable fit for each user.

Superior Retention

When inserting firearms into the Tier 1 Concealed Echo holster, you hear an immediate, audible click. The firearm is held tight, it will not move, and yet its easy to draw quickly in the event that you need to draw from the holster.

Comfort and Concealability

The Tier 1 Concealed Holster is designed with comfort in mind. Its lightweight construction, coupled with the leather backing that rests against the body, ensures that carrying the holster throughout the day remains comfortable, even during extended periods of wear. The claw attachment aids in concealment, preventing the grip from printing and allowing for effective covert carry.

NexBelt is built to be extremely sturdy
The Tier1 Concealed Echo Holster conceals extremely well for 3 O’Clock carry

Drawing and Re-Holstering

One of the most crucial aspects of a good concealed carry holster is its ability to facilitate a smooth draw and re-holstering process. The Tier 1 Concealed Holster excels in both areas, boasting excellent trigger guard coverage for safety, quick and consistent draws, and easy re-holstering without requiring excessive force. The holster’s positive “click” retention ensures that the firearm is securely held in place.


Coming in at just about $75, the echo is a budget option comparatively against other Tier 1 Concealed offerings. Although its more expensive yet than other holsters, the echo really punches above its weight class, bringing the quality and customizability of Tier 1 Concealed at an affordable price.


The T1C echo holster is a great basic holster. However, it does have some disadvantages versus other Tier 1 Concealed holster offerings. The cant of the holster can’t be adjusted, as its meant to be carried at an angle. I prefer this to traditional holster designs anyways, as it makes the grip take a less wide profile being angled up, making it more concealable for my size 30 waist. This works great with the Glock 26.

However those who value customization might want to look at a more expensive tier.

Just the same, this holster can be used for appendix carry, and I do use it for this at times, but their more expensive sidecar AIWB holsters would be a better bet if you’re looking to appendix carry primarily.


Overall, the Tier 1 Concealed Holster proves to be a top-tier choice for those seeking an excellent concealed carry solution. Its innovative design, ambidextrous capability, adjustable retention and cant, and comfortable fit make it a standout option in the market. Whether you are an experienced gun owner or a beginner, this holster offers the perfect balance of comfort, accessibility, and concealment, providing peace of mind for concealed carry enthusiasts.

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