Multi Target Mode with MARS Mobile

Multi Target Mode with MARS Mobile

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How and Why to Use the Multi Target Shooting Mode

MARS Mobile features both drills, as well as more general shooting modes. The shooting modes are set up in such a way that you can define your own drills to supplement the drills MARS supports out of box.

The multi target shooting mode has no time constraint, but allows you to engage multiple targets with a specified number of hits. It allows you to define how many hits are required for each individual target, making it more flexible than the quick start “2-2-2” and V-Tac drills, which are essentially the same as the multi target game mode except with pre defined numbers of hits required for each target.

Moreover, while other shooting drills require you to use exactly a certain number of targets, the Multi Target mode can support up to six targets, making high number of target drills possible (e.g. simulating shooting a plate rack).

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